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from Margaret B.

When I began to see Dr. Castellucci about 18 months ago, I was sleeping very poorly. I had never been a good sleeper and just assumed that would always be the case. We actually began seeing him because of some issues you might think of as 'traditionally chiropractic needs' - my husbands sore back, my issues with my knee. Little did I know, being adjusted regularly has impacted much more than our knees and backs. I sleep much better now and I know that is related to chiropractic because when we took a brief hiatus recently, my sleeping was back to being extremely poor, until I got adjusted again. My general energy level has improved and I honestly believe that my mood is improved as well. I had been on anti-depressants for years and chiropractic, along with supplements, has allowed me to stop taking those. I do see chiropractic as a wellness practice that impacts our entire family and I know that it is not an 'extra service' that you use when your back hurts.